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Parental Guidance 90:38 min -  Crime, LGBTQ  United States

(13 Reviews) Read Reviews

By Stomp It Out Productions

Undercover is a documentary film starring Richard Bert, a Brooklyn man born and bred. Back in the 80's, Richard was working as an Undercover narcotics officer for the New York Police Department. His job was to infiltrate the crack infested underground, and find out where the drugs were coming from. But the problem with living your life behind a mask is that sooner or later, someone is going to see behind it, and discover who you really are. This isn't just the story about Richard's escape and survival from deep undercover, it's also a story about what happened next, it's a story about one mans' journey to find his true self, his true spirit and his true purpose.

Cast & Crew

  • Rayne Leafe

    Rayne Leafe

    Director, Editor, Composer, Camera

  • Colin Salisbury

    Colin Salisbury

    Producer and Sound Assistant

Reviews (13)

  • clent bowers

    Member Since 2014

    03rd June 2014

    Richard's gentle humanity evokes this truth; the gift of life is precious.  After all is considered, life, and the quality of it, is what we fight to achieve. Our connection, the sharing of compassion  and where ever possible, being of service, is the vital understanding "Undercover" will leave you with.

  • Eliza Raymond

    Member Since 2014

    03rd June 2014

    An engaging and beautiful film. Amazing.

  • Luis Ruiz

    Member Since 2014

    22nd May 2014

    Great Documentary, I really felt your story I related to a lot of the emotions you gone through..Congrats....

  • Collis  Pile

    Member Since 2014

    20th May 2014

    I have known Richard for a few years and this have been a eye opener the name of the movie is a fit undercover he told a story that until now I never knew and really enjoy him share in this part of his life with the world bravo !

  • Nadine McNeil

    Member Since 2014

    19th May 2014

    Richard is an incredibly charming and engaging story-teller. Having watched the film twice, on both occasions, I was completely engaged, from start to finish.


    His story, so humbly shared, depicts what it truly takes to be alive and human. He followed his dreams with reckless abandon, demonstrating resilience and strength that is beyond commendable.


    Undercover tugs at the heart and beckons us to make a difference in our lives as well as those around us through our responsible actions.


    This film reminds me of one of life's essential facts that we can too often miss when we get caught up. The foundation of all humanity is LOVE. And, we've each been brought here to fulfill a divine purpose. Sometimes we must endure arduous journeys along the path, however once we discover our true calling, we are UNSTOPPABLE!


    Big UP to Colin Salisbury from Global Volunteer Network (GVN) who has spearheaded this dynamic organization as it continues to move from strength to strength.

  • Ajay Ravindran

    Member Since 2014

    15th May 2014

    When I saw the trailer, I was expecting it the movie to be about the exciting and thrilling life of an undercover cop- and it is. But what I wasn't expecting is that the movie is SO much more than that. Without giving away too many details, all I can say is that your jaw will drop many times, at times when you expect it to, and many more times when you don't. It's probably a cliché to call it a roller coaster ride of movie, but it's never been more true for a film than this one.

    The amazing storyteller and the incredible people who captured this powerful story in such a vivid way easily deserve a 10/10! If you're ever in the mood to have your mind blown by the life story of a single person, sit down and watch this.

  • James Callan

    Member Since 2014

    15th May 2014

    I was really surprised by this film and the effect that it had on me. It's simplicity is masked by the complexity of the human emotion within it. Even though most of it takes place in Richard Bert's living room, I really felt as though I had witnessed the dramatic, tense and emotionally charged moments unfolding courtesy of Richard's superb and detailed story telling skills and some very effective cut away shots. The culmination is a poignant and important film which delivers several poignant and important messages, and reminds of what we all have in common...our humanity. I highly recommend you watch this film with your full attention...you won't regret it.

  • Colin Salisbury

    Member Since 2014

    15th May 2014

    This is a story that needs to be told. It will make you think and you will be the better for it. Enjoy :-)

  • Greg Gehl

    Member Since 2014

    11th May 2014

    Fantastic story told so well by the man that lived it. I highly recommend this amazing film.

  • Stomp It Out Productions

    Member Since 2014

    11th May 2014

    As one reviewer at the Langston Hughes African American Film Festival said, 'It breaks all the rules of cinema, but it is a must see'.This film is raw, honest, important, and packed full of real-life drama and emotion. Don't miss it.

  • Edwin Bosch

    Member Since 2014

    10th May 2014

    Just meet Richard in the movie, buy it and watch it! You won't regret!

  • Ashley Dunbar

    Member Since 2012

    21st April 2014

    Richard Bert shares his inspirational story in this great documentary. It had me completely engrossed and on the edge of my seat throughout the film. I highly recommend you give it a watch!

  • Anna Powell

    Member Since 2012

    09th April 2014

    Amazing tale from Richard Bert - his story was intense, gripping, exciting, and emotional. Highly recommend! 

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Parental Guidance Crime, LGBTQ


by Stomp It Out Produc...

Undercover is a documentary film starring Richard Bert, a Brooklyn man born and bred. Back in the 80 ... more

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