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Keep On

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Keep On

Parental Guidance 10:20 min -  Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller  United States

(9 Reviews) Read Reviews

By Nick Floyd

Made on a budget of $10.64, shot in just 4 hours and completed in under two weeks, ‘keep on’ tells the gripping story of a young man facing the edge of human extinction in a world where the past lies in the hands of the weak, and the present is conquered by the strong.

written, directed & produced by nick floyd
introducing jeremiah john dunlap as the collector
shot & edited by seth dunlap

Cast & Crew

  • Nick Floyd

    Nick Floyd


Reviews (9)

  • Sara Rylander

    Member Since 2016

    20th April 2016

    MOAR, PLEASE.  Beautiful light.  Loved the baptismal effect in the pond/creek.  I want to know WHY he needs to be baptised.  Please and thank you.

  • Yul Spencer

    Member Since 2014

    26th February 2015

    From filmmaker to filmaker "Keep On" bro.! Excellent! 

  • Marcio Teriya Rebelo

    Member Since 2013

    09th February 2015

    Less is always more... what we saw was not really what it is... awesome experience!

  • Katherine Cimorelli

    Member Since 2015

    09th January 2015

    It's incredible how deep and affective this was in such a short amount of time. I felt so much for a character I'd just been introduced to- tension and anticipation, pangs of sadness and fear, moments of relief and a beautifully nostalgic sense of longing. My very favorite part was when he bathed in the river. It stood out as a light and hope-filled moment, so personal and so human. 

    I really hope to see a full-length version someday, to be able to explore and get to know what looks like it will be an intensely moving and powerful story. 

  • Duncan Watkins

    Member Since 2013

    25th December 2014

    What a wonderfully short glimpse into a post apocalyptic world. Very refreshing take on the genre, so exciting to see a super micro budget looks so good. 

  • Rachael Dejno

    Member Since 2014

    23rd December 2014

    The entire length of the film I felt as though I was listening to a good friend tell me his story. In this way I think any viewer can form a "bond" with the character. One scene made me feel especially attached to the character and that was when he was eating the little sandwich crackers. Food and water form the basis of our lives and it is also such a simple pleasure. This act of eating is almost comical yet still leaves you feeling something sad. Overall the film was great. Truthfully I'd recommend it to anyone. 

  • Christina Foy

    Member Since 2014

    23rd December 2014

    Great short film! I am left feeling like I will always be yearning to see its sequel or prequel, whichever. Kudos on not insulting the intelligence of your audience, Nick.

    The scene wherein your lead character is soothing himself at the end by listening to the tics and tocks of the wristwatch, mentioned earlier in his fiancé's embrace. True foreshadowing, nothing gratuitous  -- viewers should appreciate that aspect.

    LOVE the last line stating the 3 truths: alive, breathing & keeping on with things.  That's a lesson we can all take home from this film today; we don't need the reality of disease, hunters or deprivation to remind us the best way to live is to simply "Keep On". 


  • Cory Mckenzie

    Member Since 2013

    18th December 2014

    Actually had me on the verge of tears. What an amazing piece of 10mins. 10mins that felt like 30... This is a great short film showing that amazing storytelling doesn't cost millions. What a talent Nick Floyd is! 

  • Anna Powell

    Member Since 2012

    18th December 2014

    I really can't believe such a great short was made on such a small budget. Major credit to the director on the astounding storytelling and production quality of Keep On - this tops hundreds of shorts I've seen with 20 x the budget! A great watch, the $1 rental price is an investment, Keep On WILL make your life better today! 

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Keep On

Parental Guidance Drama, Scien...


by Nick Floyd

Made on a budget of $10.64, shot in just 4 hours and completed in under two weeks, ‘keep on’ tells t ... more

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