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Facing Sudan

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Facing Sudan

Parental Guidance 86:04 min -  Documentary  United States

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By Bruce David Janu

A custodian. A housewife. A pediatrician. A grandmother. Seemingly ordinary individuals. Yet these individuals have a story to tell. It is the story of suffering and death. It is the story of refugees. It is the story of terrified villagers running for cover. Yet, at the same time, it is a story of strength, courage and hope. It is the story of Sudan. Over the last 20 years, millions have died in Sudan. A civil war devastated the South and currently a genocide is occurring in the western region of Darfur. Facing Sudan is the story of ordinary individuals, moved into action by the events in Sudan. Ordinary people can do extraordinary things, even in Sudan.

Cast & Crew

  • Bruce David Janu


Reviews (1)

  • Bruce David Janu

    Member Since 2014

    21st February 2014

    “Twenty years of bloody internal fighting in Sudan have left millions dead

    and displaced. Even though high profile celebrities continue to bring the

    mayhem to the forefront, most of the world’s governments have been

    unwilling or impotent to intervene in the genocide. This low-key but

    overwhelmingly powerful documentary shows how individuals can affect

    the ongoing situation. Interviews with those involved as well as the

    victims of the violence are supplemented by a powerful collection of

    video footage, including actual Sudanese military attacks on the

    populace. Resulting from a seemingly incidental conversation between a

    young custodian in a suburban Chicago high school and Bruce David

    Janu, a social science teacher, this timely and touching program provides

    both a historical context as well as a striking contemporary description of

    the political, social, medical, and military mayhem in Africa’s darkest

    corner. One segment on the Lost Boys of Sudan will particularly hit home

    with younger viewers; be cautioned that there are several instances of

    graphic images of death and explicit descriptions of events. The film was

    produced and directed by a teacher who crafted it to be as

    classroom-friendly...This excellent, award-winning film will definitely have a

    deep impact on viewers.”  Dwain Thomas, School Library Journal

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Facing Sudan

Parental Guidance Documentary


by Bruce David Janu

A custodian. A housewife. A pediatrician. A grandmother. Seemingly ordinary individuals. Yet these i ... more

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