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Ditch Please

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Ditch Please

All Audiences 35:17 min -  Comedy, Drama, Romance  India

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By Gowtham Shravan Kumar


After her breakup with Gagan, Karishma calls him informing that her laptop crashed and she needs some documentation of the projects they worked on in the past. The sudden call takes Gagan by surprise; they meet later at a coffee shop where rather unpleasant news awaits him. Hardly difficult to guess, Karishma tells Gagan that she is seeing someone else now. Couple of months later, Gagan receives yet another call from panic-struck Karishma and they subsequently meet. She tells him sobbing that her current boyfriend Rahul is absconding and seemingly avoiding her deliberately on all platforms showing a total lack of interest. She wants to find him and put things in place for the both of them. But of course, she needs Gagan's help who is the only sensible and selfless guy she can approach. Gagan concedes and they set out in search of Rahul on a motorbike. And like they say Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul so does this journey for Gagan Karishma
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Cast & Crew

  • Gowtham Shravan...


Reviews (5)

  • tarun sahu

    Member Since 2014

    01st July 2014


  • Bhagavathi Nallamuthu

    Member Since 2014

    02nd June 2014

    Wow my friend I'm so proud of you. It's an awesome movie. Bhat kartikeya has done a brilliant job. I'm so speechless after watch the movie. Well done I loved the movie.

  • Jhari Jhari

    Member Since 2014

    25th May 2014

              Can i call this film a 36 mins feature film with definite take away?
    When i watched Ditch Please i wondered is it a short film? It hasentertaining dialogues, some romance, emotions, engaging music('parindey' is in line with mainstream film song), twists & turns andunexpected climax most of which are the part of feature films made inIndia.

    The film has a story line which the youth can relate to and as we go onwatching the film we connect with the characters. This is the biggestplus point of the film. Dialogues are witty and entertaining. BothKafeel Jafri and Prachi Raman have done the good job. The music issuperb. Great work by Abhishek Narain. Cinematography is good too. Filmscores well in editing and direction department as well.

    What is plus about the film? Story, Dialogues and chemistry between thelead actors.

    What is minus about the film? Duration (could have been lengthier withmore explanation to the characters) and some unanswered questions aboutthe protagonist's thinking!

  • parijat biswas

    Member Since 2014

    20th May 2014

    The absolute beauty of this short movie lies in its perfection as a simple love story. It touches the story of two lives who once were in a relationship but have recently parted ways. The movie captures some sweet encounters without being overly sentimental and melodramatic. It  nicely depicts the closeness of the characters, and the distance which have crept in their relationship. The story line, acting, background score and cinematography will certainly keep you glued to the screen. This movie will not make you cry but certainly make you think and introspect. Overall A wonderful watch..

  • Moviebuff Moviebuff

    Member Since 2014

    20th May 2014

    A true biker movie which explores the emotional ups and downs of a biker. A very different break up story with 3 unexpected twists. Music gels well with the story. 
    This movie can be priced higher is what I feel. I have watched this film twice already and would like to watch it many more times. Go for it. It is 36 minutes of good fun with a beautiful message.

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Ditch Please

All Audiences Comedy, Dram...


by Gowtham Shravan Kumar

ENGLISH SUBTITLES After her breakup with Gagan, Karishma calls him informing that her laptop cr ... more

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