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Courting Chaos

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Courting Chaos

Parental Guidance 124:34 min -  Comedy, Romance  United States

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By Alan Clay

An award winning romantic comedy in which a Beverly Hills girl falls for a Venice Beach street clown called Chaos and she must overcome her inhibitions and become a clown herself for the relationship to survive.

Cast & Crew

  • Alan Clay


Reviews (3)

  • Jenna Edwards

    Member Since 2015

    22nd May 2015

    Courting Chaos truly captures the reality of the struggles to become a successful performer. To get the attention of an audience is one thing, but to hold their attention is something completely different altogether, and these two aspects of performance are shown perfectly within this film.

    I read the book by Alan Clay, 'Angel Can Fly: A Modern Clown User Guide' a while back and thoroughly enjoyed all aspects, but took an interest in the fictional characters that are explored through, so when I realised that a film had been created from those characters, I was delighted and intrigued as to whether or not it would work as a film. I can definitely say that I was not disappointed.
    The way in which Ginger's character is explored within the book was really cleverly done, and the actor who played her was truly fantastic at capturing the art of performance and the growth you face as a person when becoming a performer.
    When you are first introduced to her, she seems quite content with her lifestyle (being a model for her overbearing mother) but as the film goes on, you realise that it's not her dream but her mother's that she is pursuing, and Ginger starts 'clowning around' to find herself, and her freedom.
    The film was really well directed and acted, and it didn't let the book down at all! I was not at all disappointed! It was worth the money!

  • Isaac Sweeney

    Member Since 2015

    08th May 2015

    It's common for movies to turn a subculture into a film. Writers create characters and a plot based on a particular subculture. Some examples: The Fast and Furious (street racing), Point Break (surfing), Breakin' (break dancing), Gleaming the Cube (skateboarding), and many others. Some are done well. Most on this list are done well (except for Breakin'), but too many make the movie about the subculture and forget about polt or characters.

    Courting Chaos stands on the upper echelons of this type of movie. I shouldn't even say "this type," because Courting Chaos doesn't really fit easily into a "type." In many ways, it is an education about street clowning. In many ways, it's a romantic comedy. Above all, it's about a character -- all the best movies are.

    Ginger, played stunningly by relative newcomer Rachelle Dimaria, is a Beverly Hills model on the verge of making it. She has an overbearing mother/manager, played by Nancy LaScala, who was once a successful model. One day, while Ginger is roller blading, a group of street clowns catches her attention. One of the clowns, played by Alastair Bayardo, is named Chaos. Ginger is attracted, hence the title.

    This story is all about Ginger. There's something about her that Dimaria captures elegantly. There's a shyness, a lack of self-confidence. She's uncomfortable showing much skin, as an example. This is unusual for our usual conceptions about models, which adds an interesting complexity. Ginger is fascinated by the clowns and keeps coming back. She eventually tries her hand at performing. It doesn't go well because Ginger is timid on stage ... just like in her life.

    Ginger must blossom into who she truly is; to grow into her clown shoes, if you will. It's rare that a film captures a physical, mental, and emotional transformation in the way that this film does. Ginger is changing and mom isn't happy. Chaos has his own problems, and Ginger and Chaos's relationship is sometimes awkward. Kind of like many real-life relationships. It's charming. The film has many other clown characters who help bring the red nose out in Ginger, and add spice to the film.

    The irony is palpable, and all part of the fun: in order to find her true self, Ginger has to immerse herself in a subculture known for wigs and costumes and makeup. Yet, it is in these different clothes and the new hair that Ginger is able to let her true self shine through.

    Will her mom accept her this way? Will she ever be able to work the street crowd like she knows she can? Will she let the nose wear her, or will she wear the nose? Notice that I didn't ask about Chaos, because it doesn't matter. Chaos will either accept Ginger or not, but first Ginger has to accept Ginger. And that's fun to watch.

  • ashleigh zavarelli

    Member Since 2015

    03rd May 2015

    What a fun movie! 

    As someone who is a little bit of a quiet introvert myself, I could really relate to Ginger and the struggle she was going through to find her place in the world. The things she did to put herself out there in this film were quite entertaining to watch, and I couldn't stop smiling at her bravery. 

    While the entire cast was great, I especially loved the character of Chaos. He was sweet and adorable and his chemistry with Ginger was sizzling hot and really shined through the screen. 

    By the end I was ready to give up my day job and start clowning around down the beach with the rest of these fun characters. 

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Courting Chaos

Parental Guidance Comedy, Romance


by Alan Clay

An award winning romantic comedy in which a Beverly Hills girl falls for a Venice Beach street clown ... more

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