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Billy Shakespeare

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Billy Shakespeare

Restricted 102:49 min -  Comedy  United States

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By Deborah Voorhees

What if William Shakespeare never existed... until now? Our Modern Bard is caught in a love triangle of confused sexuality, cross dressing, mistaken identity, and bedroom trysts. Does Shakespeare love his lusty best friend, Wilma Hartford, who's also a drag queen, or his lovely long-time girlfriend Anne Hathaway? This battle to understand Shakespeare's true heart is a comic romp. All the while, Shakespeare peddles his screenplays in Hollywood. Renaissance and modern sensibilities clash when an all-male stage version of Macbeth and the misogynistic low-budget film The Taming of the Shrew open simultaneously. The combustion makes The Bard, played by comedic genius Jason D. Johnson, the most controversial screenwriter in Hollywood. Adult language and situations. No nudity or violence. www.billyshakespearethemovie.com

Cast & Crew

  • Deborah Voorhees

    Deborah Voorhees


  • Rich Beer

    Rich Beer

    Camera Operator

Reviews (4)

  • Michael Denetelli

    Member Since 2014

    29th June 2014

    Being it's Director's inaugural effort, the film, Billy Shakespeare, attempts to answer the question: How would Shakespeare's work and life be received if he were living in today's modern world? In making this effort the director aims and, in my view succeeds, in articulating why the work of William Shakespeare, though it has been around for easily four centuries now, is still relevant in today's world. Also: in a more tangential sense, the director tries and very nimbly succeeds, at mounting a cogent argument in favor of the importance of freedom of creative expression, and why we ought to believe in the great and indefatigable power that creative effort holds. For these reasons, I give it a full five stars! 

  • Courtney Daniels

    Member Since 2014

    11th May 2014

    If you like Shakespeare, campy comedies and great one-liners, you'll enjoy this film. The premise is clever--it's a fun imagining of how Shakespeare and his work would be received today, in Hollywood, and it explores his romantic interest in both men and women. The cast is good, particularly the actors who played Billy, Anne and Charlie James, and there are a lot of fun moments and lines, from characters in even the smallest roles.

  • William Woodward

    Member Since 2014

    08th April 2014

    Thepremise for this film is absolutely brilliant! Sooo very clever!

    This movie had me in stitches from beginning to end! And yet it's so much more than just a delightful comedy with the power to lift your spirit and make you laugh. There are moments of surprising depth that will take you off-guard and warm your heart, as well. The dialogue is clever, witty and inventive, flowing naturally from one uproariously entangled scene to the next. The chemistry between the lead actors is palpable. Jason D. Johnson (Billy), is so charismatic he practically leaps off the screen, his performance raised from excellent to superb by the spot-on acting of the Always Flamboyant Wilma, and Usually Sensible Anne. So well done, indeed, Voorhees Films! You earned your five star rating! Highly recommend!

  • Alexander Ramos

    Member Since 2014

    08th April 2014

    It was an interesting film and the premise fits with what most would think of what Shakespeare would be doing if he lived in current times. It is at times difficult to go more in-depth on the sexuality theme as in true shakespearean times the female roles were played by men. In this modern age it could be viewed as another form of expression for those whom identify with another gender. 

    It is a respectable begining introduction piece on a novel concept. 

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Billy Shakespeare

Restricted Comedy


by Deborah Voorhees

What if William Shakespeare never existed... until now? Our Modern Bard is caught in a love triangle ... more

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