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Minuto 200 (200th minute)

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Minuto 200 (200th minute)

All Audiences 18:30 min -  Drama  Colombia

(2 Reviews) Read Reviews

By Frank Benitez

Official selection in more than 60 festivals around the world include:

Chicago International Film Festival
Aspen Shortfest
Milano Film Festival Italy
Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival Brazil
International festival of documentary and shortfilm of Bilbao ZINEBI Spain
Guadalajara International Film Festival México WINNER BEST SHORT.

SYNOPSIS: A lonely elderly woman resigns herself to waiting for death convinced that it will come knocking on her door as soon as she has wasted the last minute of a cellphone credit.



Cast & Crew

  • Frank Benitez

    Frank Benitez


Reviews (2)

  • Ashley Dunbar

    Member Since 2012

    10th October 2013

    I can see why 200th Minute made the Official Selection at so many film festivals.  The set, the acting and the simplicity of the film was beautifully put together.  I loved Miss Orfa in the film and enjoyed that they could make something as doom and gloom as death surprisingly humorous throughout the Movie. Overall, a great indie film that I would recommend you check out!

  • Anna Powell

    Member Since 2012

    01st August 2013

    The cinematography in 200th Minute was great, the actors were great, the storyline was beautifully simple yet complex, and the film in general is shot and made beautifully. My only hesitation at giving it four stars instead of five is because at the end I found myself wanting just a liiiiitle bit more, although, this is entirely open to interpretation, and you might find it the perfect ending to this short. 

    All in all, it was a great watch, and I'm glad to see the film has gained recognition and awards from different international film festivals. Check it out and see what you think! 

    I can perhaps compare Frank Benitez to an artist like Picasso, you're either going to think this film is a wonderful work of art, or you might not understand it, or find it boring (some people do, I read other reviews).

    200th Minute, I found at first I did not completely understand, but it fascinated me non-the-less. I loved the characters Orfa and Teo and thought it was such a romantic notion of Orfa's that she would die when the last minute on the cell phone was used. 

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Minuto 200 (200th minute)

All Audiences Drama


by Frank Benitez

Official selection in more than 60 festivals around the world include: Chicago International Film ... more

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