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Not yet rated 16:08 min -  Drama

(11 Reviews) Read Reviews

By Danny Safady

Eva is a young, compassionate woman who decides to travel amidst a grim urban jungle. She's accepted by a select few who see her as a shining light in the darkness while shunned by everyone else as a wandering vagrant. Eva must prove herself to a judgmental, image obsessed world by showing how one simple selfless act of love can affect the entire community in ways they may not even realize.

Cast & Crew

  • Tyler Lemaich

    Tyler Lemaich


Reviews (11)

  • Yul Spencer

    Member Since 2014

    26th February 2015

    I was touched by all the "SCRAPS" in this film.  Loved it! 

  • Ashley Dunbar

    Member Since 2012

    10th October 2013

    Scraps is a beautifully written and directed short film. The story is so moving and had my complete attention throughout the film.  Director, Danny Safady has done an excellent job on Scraps.  I would highly recommend all indie film lovers to give this a watch!

  • michelle sarich

    Member Since 2013

    19th June 2013

     What a great movie, director, acting, crew!!! Everyone who worked on this project is absolutely amazing and professional.  Very emotional to see the final product!!! Great Short Drama, Danny!!!

  • Christie S

    Member Since 2013

    11th June 2013

    Im speechless, great film. Simply AMAZING!!! Great job to all, the message was BOLD! Congrats to all!!! a must see xoxo

  • Marilyn Murano

    Member Since 2013

    15th May 2013

    I found this movie to be raw and edgy and explode with realism, few films are being made with this subject matter and I applaud the film makers for bringing this to us.....Bravo!!!!!!!! Eva's letter was exceptional!

  • kelly sweetser

    Member Since 2013

    15th May 2013

    WOW, made me cry!!!  What incredible writing, directing and acting!!!!  This is a powerful and moving story told in only 16 minutes, the true sign of a lot of VERY talented people!!!  A must see film!!!!  Somethings wrong if this short doesn't go all the way to #1!!!!!!

  • Lisa Ann

    Member Since 2013

    15th May 2013

    A Truly Amazing film from beginning to end!  Highly recommend for others to enjoy.  A unique film that has great emotion and creativity.  A definite must see!  

  • Sean Porter

    Member Since 2013

    15th May 2013

    Really impressed by this film. The acting, directing, DP, sound design, poster. etc. — Fantastic execution all around. A league of it's own.

  • Erika Harvel

    Member Since 2013

    12th May 2013

    This film captivated me from the opening scene! A truly heart warming story that makes you think beyond the norm. The direction of this film caught my attention and prompted me to reach out to the films director, Danny Safady. Happy to report we are working on an upcoming feature film and I am so excited to have his creative vision and direction on our team!,, 

  • Antoaneta Ivanova

    Member Since 2013

    10th May 2013

    Amazing! Great story...very VERY well directed. Capturing visuals combined with good acting. The spiritual quality of Scraps leaves us with an open to interpretation meaning that relates in a different way to everyone of us.  I think this film is of an Academy level! 

  • Christina S

    Member Since 2013

    10th May 2013

    This film is amazing.  Such a great story with great characters.  It is one of a kind and a must see.  This movie reminds you of the good in people.

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Not yet rated Drama


by Danny Safady

Eva is a young, compassionate woman who decides to travel amidst a grim urban jungle. She's acc ... more

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