About IndieReign

IndieReign is an independent film marketplace where filmmakers connect directly with their audience and film fans discover a world of rewarding cinematic experiences.

The Story

Imagine a world without stories. A world without imagination. That’s not a place that any of us would like to live in. The art of filmmaking lies within the ability to tell a story, and as human beings we have a deep desire to both tell our own stories and get lost in others.

Since 2012 we have been pioneering new ways to enable an uprising of filmmakers to market and sell their films online. By giving global audiences access to rent or buy films at IndieReign we have empowered indie filmmakers to gain a following and become sustainable.

100% of the distribution rights stay with the filmmakers. We take a percentage to cover our costs only when the film is sold- we don’t win unless you do.

Our methods are simple: easy sign up, simple rental, community involvement, curated material, and all the digital tools a filmmaker needs to connect with their followers. We live by our community ethos, actively seeking out and working with film festivals, filmmakers, and indie distributors to source the best content for our worldwide audience.

Who we are

We are people like you; filmmakers, entrepreneurs, freaks and geeks, writers, marketers, IT whizzes, cinephiles… you know, the usual suspects.

We have a very unique culture, born in 2013 from a film-loving tech start up company in the heart of Middle Earth, New Zealand. We have a team in India, offices in San Francisco and Shift72, a leading VOD platform provider powers our technology.

Why we're here

Roughly 50,000 independent films are made each year, but only 1% of these films gain a distribution deal. We’re here to put the 99% in front of an eager audience full of cinephiles. We’re stepping in and initiating change. We believe we can create a sustainable digital marketplace that connects indie film fans with their makers, providing quality entertainment online at low costs and where the profit goes back to the creators. We do it to feel good, because we’re self-confessed workaholics and because we think that indies do it better.

IndieReign FAQ

Welcome to the IndieReign FAQ, we hope that you will find all the answers you're searching for and more. If you're still puzzled after reading all this, do send us an email from the Contact list below and we'll be sure to help you as best we can.

For Film Lovers

How much does IndieReign cost to join?

Nothing, IndieReign is free to sign up to, free to be a member of and there are no monthly/yearly fees.

How much do the films cost?

One of the great things about IndieReign is that the filmmakers get to set the price of their art. There are different prices for renting films and buying films, and they start from as little as $1, but you can pay as much as you like, if you’re feeling generous.

How much of my purchase does the filmmaker get?

The filmmaker gets 70% instantly from each sale! IndieReign uses the other 30% to pay for streaming costs and we put the rest back into the business. We do this to ensure our staff get paid and to continue providing this service for free, just for you.

Can I watch the films I buy on other devices?

Yes. We currently have an Android App available for devices with Android 4.0 and up, as well as an iPad App for IOS 7.0 and later. Both of these apps are free of charge and act as a film locker, syncing with your IndieReign account so that you can watch your purchased or rented films anywhere, on the go.


You bet we have HD. Filmmakers choose how to upload their films. If filmmakers include an HD option, you will see a HD button activated in your IndieReign player. You have the ability to turn this off and on as you are watching for all HD enabled movies.

When I click on a film it says "Sorry this film is age restricted"?

Every film on IndieReign is rated by the filmmaker when it’s uploaded. Age restrictions are reflected by ratings, which are put in place on films rated PG-13 or above. This means that you need to be above the age related to the rating to be able to watch the film. If you are over 17 and are still seeing this message, you need to head to your account settings to fill in your age on your profile.

I purchased a film but now I don’t know how to watch it?

How frustrating! Sometimes things can get a little tricky. To find the movies you have purchased, you need to make sure you are signed in to your IndieReign account. Once you have done that, click on your name at the top right hand corner. On the drop down menu, click “My Purchases”. Select either “Films You Own” if you purchased the film to own, or “Films You’re Renting” if you rented the film. If the film does not show up in either of theses places, please send a message to [email protected] with the receipt email you received from IndieReign and we will reissue your movie.

I love IndieReign, how do I spread the word?

We hoped you’d say that. And, we’re really grateful – we wouldn’t be around without you guys. Please invite all your friends to IndieReign from your user dashboard, share the films you like, tweet, Facebook, email, whatever. And did we say we love you?

For Filmmakers

What can I sell on IndieReign?

IndieReign is a place for cinema, all features, 10 minute + short films, and web-series welcome. Please note, adult entertainment videos are not our cup of tea, please do not upload them. You are only authorized to sell films that you hold the rights to.

How do I sell a film on IndieReign?

The power is in your hands! Simply create an account on IndieReign, find the ‘my films’ section on the account menu, then click ‘uploads’. You are now free to upload your films to your hearts content! Make sure you fill in all the information, upload a film still, trailer and great poster to attract your audience. Once it’s done, add Cast and Crew to your film to help promote it and gain more sales.

Does IndieReign hold any rights to my videos?

No! We do not. You made it, you're selling it, you own it. When you upload your film to IndieReign, you are just giving us the right to distribute it on your behalf, which you can choose to take down at any time.

Is there a contract or term I get locked into with IndieReign?

Not at all! You can take your film off IndieReign at anytime. You do however have to abide by our terms and conditions which acts as a contract of selling films on our site.

Can I choose where in the world I sell my film?

Yes! IndieReign offers granular control over Geoblocking, which enables you select which countries have access to your film. A simple click of a button blocks your film from any country you choose, making tricky distribution rights a breeze to navigate through.

Does IndieReign sell my film to other companies for me?

No, IndieReign provides you with a platform to sell to the world. We allow you to sell directly from filmmaker to film lover however, we are not a film promoter. If you are lucky our marketing team will pick up your film and help you with promotion, but when it comes down to it, you are the driver of your sales on IndieReign.

How do I get paid from sales?

Currently IndieReign uses Paypal and Stripe for all film transactions. Audience members can choose to pay via credit card with Stripe or with their Paypal account. Money is immediately transferred to your account via the medium your fan has chosen.

What if I have only connected one payment account?

If you have connected one account but not the other, you will need to notify us so that we can manually transfer your funds every 60 days. Some filmmakers prefer to only use Paypal for example. If you are making sales but have only had a portion of your funds come through, it will most likely be because you have not connected one of your accounts. It is preferable to have both accounts connected, but if you are having trouble, send an email to [email protected] so that we can help you out. We are working on a new, simplified payment process which will be released in 2015.

How to I get my Paypal verified?

Paypal requires each user to have an account verified through their bank before they can use Paypal for buying or selling purposes. You'll need to get verified before your film can go live on IndieReign, it's easy, secure, and free of charge.

Here's how to do it:

  • Log into PayPal and go to the "Overview" page of your account.

  • Click on the "Get Verified" link under your name.

  • Choose the method you wish to use to verify your account by. Either link a bank account or valid credit/debit card, enter your details, then click "Continue".

  • Make sure you have entered all your information correctly and then click "Confirm".

  • Submit the form after the final verification page loads, then check your email for additional information from PayPal.

  • Monitor your chosen bank or credit account for the verification process which we've explained below.

Verification Steps

If you choose Credit/Debit Card:

  • PayPal will place two small charges on your card (which will be refunded).

  • Go the "Get Verified" link on PayPal and enter the charges on your credit card, along with the codes printed next to them on your statement. This must be within 24 hours of the charges.

  • PayPal will credit your account back for the charges made.

  • Your account is now verified!

If you chose to link your Bank Account:

  • PayPal will make two small deposits into your chosen account.

  • Go the "Get Verified" link on PayPal and enter the deposits that were made, along with the codes PayPal provided. This must be within 24 hours of PayPal's deposit.

  • You may receive a confirmation phone call from PayPal with a few security questions.

  • Your account is now verified!

How much money do I get per sale?

As a filmmaker, you set the rental and purchase price for your video. From each sale, IndieReign takes 30% to cover streaming costs and to put back into the business. Note: all films must have a minimum price of $1 for either rent or purchase.

Can I sell my film on other platforms?

Yes. IndieReign is non-exclusive, which means you can put your film anywhere else at the same time. Have a little look into digital windowing, we recommend distributing your film on Transactional Video on Demand Platforms first (like us, and iTunes), then Subscription and Advertisement based (like Netflix and Hulu) Platforms later. Of course we recommend offering exclusive releases on IndieReign, which will then enable you to apply for additional promotion from our marketing team at no cost. This will give you a better chance at earning a steady stream of revenue. Read more about different VOD platforms and digital jargon on our blog.

Can I track where my sales are coming from?

Yes! We provide comprehensive sales analytics to all filmmakers. Not only can you see how many sales you’ve made, but you can also see how many views, shares and promoters you have, as well as your film’s purchase conversion rate, average purchase price and even the web sources and devices that your traffic is purchasing from. This data is private, and only you can see it when you log in to view your films sales statistics.

Can I embed films on my website or blog?

Absolutely! You can embed IndieReign’s smart player with any film on it using the embed code found under the ‘Share’ buttons for each film. Once it has been embedded on your site, people can view the trailer without having to leave your webpage. We will redirect your viewers only when they want to purchase your film for payment security reasons.

Do you support HD films?

We sure do! All films that are uploaded in HD are delivered to users with the ability to view in an HD version. You do not have to do this, though we encourage it.

What film file formats does IndieReign accept?

We convert two formats:

  • SD (640 x 360), if source aspect it 16:9 (variable bitrate: 600 to 800 kbps)

  • SD (640 x 360), if source aspect is 4:3 or not 16:9 (600 to 800 kbps)

  • HD (720p or 1080p whichever is applicable) if source height is higher than 720 or above. (variable bitrate: 1800 to 2500 kbps)

We accept most of the codecs/formats as input, however, we recommend you make it easier for software by passing a H264 (deinterlaced, square pixels, 4:3 or 16:9 aspect). You can have high bitrate, we would convert it to bitrate that works for desktop/mobile/web.

Container: MOV or MP4 or MPEG
Codec: H264

General guidelines:

  • Upload videos in their original resolution - Videos should be uploaded at the highest resolution available. Videos uploaded with a 16:9 aspect ratio will fit the player perfectly. Most 4:3 resolutions are supported, but the video will be pillarboxed in order to fit the player.

  • Upload videos with high bitrates - Higher bitrate content will look better on IndieReign, simply put. View our recommended bitrates for high quality uploads.

  • Upload videos with a 1:1 pixel aspect ratio - Videos without a square (1:1) pixel aspect ratio may not fit properly in the player.

  • Upload videos with a supported file format (MP4, MOV, MPEG, AVI)

  • Upload videos in original quality whenever possible - If you do not need to edit your video, simply upload the unaltered original recording for optimal quality.

  • Upload videos with a identical Audio/Video durations - Audio and Video tracks should begin and end at exactly the same time.

In Regards to file size:

The only issue you will face is browser timeout - so anything over 2GB in file size we recommend that you first create/upload your film to dropbox.com (you may need to upgrade to a paid plan on dropbox for a month $9 if the film is over 5GB) once your film is synced with dropbox it is simple for you to upload via the dropbox button in IndieReign.

How long will it take to upload my film?

Uploading times depend on the size of your film, your internet connection (if you upload via web-browser) or the server speed of your connected cloud account. Sometimes it can only take a few hours, but in most cases we allow 24 hours.

I do not have any online storage and my film is over 2gb

It is really simple and easy to get online storage. Head to Google Drive, Dropbox or Skydrive and you can create a free account in order to get your film onto IndieReign. If you have any issues with this, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Why is my film still uploading?

If your film is uploading through a connected online cloud storage account, it may take up to 48 hours. You will receive a message as soon as your film has been transcoded. If your film is still not ready after 2 days, log in to your account to double check its status. If you continue to see a transcoding alert on your film settings, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

Why has my film shrunk on upload?

If your film is not at the correct ratio once it is uploaded it is generally because of the file type you have uploaded. If you find this issue please get in contact with us at [email protected].

Why does my full film show up when I click into the live film?

Take a breath, it is fine! Don’t worry, we are not giving away your full film for free. When you are you signed into your account on IndieReign you will see the full film. When you sign out of your account and view the live film you will see the trailer just as everyone else does.

I have changed my page URL now it won’t change again

You are only able to change your page URL once for your film. IndieReign does not allow this to be changed multiple times.

I changed my page URL but it is not working and still using the old one?

This is a cache problem and your browser is still storing the old information. If you clear your cache in your browser, or just give it time, you will see that it works with the new URL.

What stops my film from being pirated?

We have done everything we can to protect your work, both with legal and technological means. But like with any digital file, it can be abused. This is a trend we are trying to change at IndieReign by offering great quality cinema at lower prices, and by educating our users about the harsh effects of piracy.

I have my film available in different languages, or have different files of subtitles how do I upload these onto IndieReign?

At the moment we are unable to support more than one subtitled file per film. Your subtitles need to be burned into the film in order for them to show on IndieReign currently. We are looking to be able to support multiple subtitle files per film so keep an eye out here for any update on this! If your film is available in different languages you will need to upload the different languages as individual films, then in your original film settings, you can click on ‘Promotional Info’ and add a subtitle film which will be displayed as an option on your public film page.

Does my film need to be in English?

No, IndieReign is a worldwide platform, enjoyed by people everywhere. If your film is not in English we recommend adding English subtitles to increase your sales as the majority of our audience is English-speaking.

What video streaming technology do you use?

The IndieReign player is built on HTML5 and Flash technology to ensure that your video can be seen on all major web browsers. We also use the Amazon Cloudfront, a content delivery system that uses a global network of edge locations. This network streams content for you from your closest edge location, which means better performance, with the highest data transfer speeds.


DRM stands for Digital Rights Management, a technology designed to stop the ability to illegally copy or share media. We are DRM free at this stage, but are looking into new ways of preventing the piracy of your videos.


Still have questions? Never fear, we'll set you straight. Please contact us on one of the following:

[email protected] for all press and partnership enquiries
[email protected] for all technical and uploading support for filmmakers
[email protected] for film submissions and all general, filmmaker and film-fan enquiries